Top Marketing Trends for 2018

  • Posted on: February 9, 2018

With a new year, comes new marketing trends to put into action. In the marketing world, things move at a fast pace and it’s important to be one step ahead of the competition. The latest trends in the marketing world will influence how you collaborate, communicate, create, and grow with your customer base.

As you look forward to starting fresh in 2018, take a look at these top trends that can help enhance your marketing strategy:

  • You will see an increase in live video streaming and viewership. Live video isn’t new in the marketing world, but its popularity continues to gain traction. People not only love watching videos, but videos in real-time. Live streaming allows you to connect with people on a more personal level. Plus, you can save these videos and repurpose that content in the future across other channels.
  • Social media continues to grow. Social media is growing and these channels will continue to nurture your business, if used wisely. Don’t post basic, dull content. Instead, think outside of the box and generate content that’s visually interesting while at the same time answering questions your followers may have.
  • Content marketing still has a huge impact. Content marketing will always be important for growing business, and it continues to trend upward. In order to keep your content fresh, make sure it’s relevant and defined according to your specific target audience, if applicable.
  • Online reviews make a difference. People have the ability to impact your reputation by leaving reviews on your social media business profiles. Online reviews are an important factor for those seeking services and comparing several businesses. It’s crucial for you to respond to not only the negative reviews, but the positive reviews as well. This will allow you to better understand what’s working well and what isn’t in order to improve your services, and it shows your audience you are responsive. You can encourage online reviews via word of mouth or with a dedicated email campaign.
  • Micro influencers are important. These are the people on social media who have relationships with brands to promote their products and/or services to their followers. Micro influencers have between 1k-100k followers on social media. These are the influencers that are easy for your business audience to relate to as they have normal lives, unlike celebrity influencers, but still happen to be popular on social media.
  • Focus on both Millennials AND Generation Z. Much of the focus in marketing lately has been on millennials; however, don’t forget about the generation behind them – Generation Z. Keep in mind that every generation has different spending habits. In 2018, it will be important to start shifting your focus to this generation as they are a fresh market to target and the oldest people in this group are in their early 20s.
  • Personalization is key. Personalized shopping experiences really do make a difference for those looking to spend their hard earned money. Personalization gives your audience exactly what they want, right when they want it. For example, personalizing an email’s subject line increases the chance that the recipient will actually open and read the email with content catered to their current interests.
  • Interactive emails improve engagement. Don’t send out the same stale emails over and over again. That’s old. Revamp your email content with exciting interactive features in 2018. Some ideas include embedding videos, using GIFs instead of images, posting reviews, and more.
  • Privacy protection is VERY important. In 2018, privacy protection will become a selling point for brands. Consumers will look for those brands offering the highest security of their vital information, especially after several breaches that took place in 2017.
  • LinkedIn breathes new life. Over the course of 2017, LinkedIn made some improvements to its platform with updates to the user interface. With good improvements to their ad platform, look for B2B marketers to utilize this more in 2018.
  • Automate your marketing. Automated email and social media marketing is a great way to regularly reach your audience, especially when you may not have the time to make a phone call or send a note. Generate a plan of emails and social media posts to send out to your audience from their first point of contact with you until the final purchase.

By staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and sticking to them throughout the year, you are certain to find success. When you identify upcoming trends and make the necessary changes to your marketing strategy, it will give you the edge over your competition.