Welcome to Our Homestar Family!

What Makes Us Different?

HomeStar Financial Corporation is a full service mortgage banker controlling every aspect of the loan process with in house processing, underwriting, closing, and funding of each mortgage transaction. Having an in-house team separates HomeStar from other mortgage companies because it is easier for HomeStar mortgage lenders to communicate quickly and effectively with every department that is needed to close a transaction.

From Our President:

“When it comes to loan originator satisfaction, you will find that HomeStar ranks among the highest. As a LO you can expect that each department within HomeStar is accessible, approachable, and always willing to go the extra mile. HomeStar has built a culture where all of operations understands the value of closing a compliant, properly documented file while embracing our sales force and customer needs. Every individual at HomeStar remembers at the end of the day, a family is counting down the days until they are living in their new home.”

Wes Hunt, President

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

  • HomeStar is a direct lender headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia.

  • We currently operate 57 branches with approximately 300 employees.

  • Licensed to conduct business in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee, with continued growth and expansion planned!

  • Delegated to underwrite and close USDA, FHA, VA, Conventional, and Jumbo loan products.

  • # 1 USDA Lender in Georgia for the past five years.

  • #1 FHA Purchase Lender for Georgia in 2013 and 2014.

Expansion Opportunities

  • HomeStar is constantly seeking out experienced/non experienced industry professionals who want a relationship built on support and want to grow with us!

  • Experienced/non experienced Loan Originators for existing branches and new branches for expansion.

  • Branch Managers looking to move their team towards a bigger and better opportunity or the ability to begin to build a team.

  • Division Managers to develop and lead multiple branch territories.

Education and Training

New to the industry? No worries. HomeStar helps train and guide new and experienced Loan Originator's who are willing to learn. Our highly qualified managers will provide fundamental mortgage knowledge and sales training skills that will help you learn more about the industry and how to become more successful by increasing your pipeline. HomeStar also provides additional training through continuing education courses and webinars.

What We Offer

We offer our employees outstanding management and operational support, benefits, and accounting and marketing support. As well as excellent product lines and pricing and competitive compensations plans. There are many opportunities for your future at HomeStar. Join our team and let us share our success with you!



What Homestar Loan Originators Are Saying!

“Who would ever think changing mortgage companies would allow someone to double their business? Well that happened to ME! I don’t call what I do a job, I call it a career! HomeStar has the best underwriting, processing, closing, even down to post-closing. It’s a great group of people that I enjoy working with. It makes the long hours and work on weekends much easier to handle. Our management team is pretty quick to help us when needed, or as I call it, when my hair is on fire. I can’t ever imagine working anywhere else.”

Branch Manager

“After spending my first years with mortgage brokers, I joined HomeStar in 2004 and have never looked back. Company support, direct communication with underwriters, compensation plan, and ‘outside the box’ thinking have helped triple my earnings in the last few years. Great company and opportunity!”

Division Manager

“As a mortgage loan officer, the people you work with are often more important than the product that you offer.  Thankfully, at HomeStar, both are equally wonderful.  HomeStar provides me the tools to be able to give my clients a full array of mortgage products with competitive rates and a quick decision from our local underwriters.  These same underwriters take the time to personally discuss loan scenarios in an effort to close the deal.  Having spent many years with a large, regional mortgage company, I can’t begin to tell you how refreshing it is to have a personal relationship with everyone in the company, even our President.  He’s a man who has been in my shoes, taking that loan application & pouring over tax returns, all to help provide housing to the people that need it. Joining HomeStar was an easy decision for me because they truly provide our clients “The Easiest Way Home.”

Mortgage Loan Originator