We Exist Because of Our Relationships

Our purpose is to maintain a strong reputation as an honest mortgage company offering outstanding customer service, exceptional community relationships, and a high level of employee satisfaction. We strive as a company to meet the needs and wants of our customers, ensuring their arrival at "the easiest way home".


Why You Should Refinance Now

Right now is the perfect time to lock a low mortgage rate. Fixed and adjustable mortgage rates have risen since the beginning of the year, but all rates remain low. Rates will most likely remain low well into 2021 or maybe longer.

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Achieve Homeownership, Even with Student Loan Debt

If you have student loan debt, you may be wondering how this affects your ability to buy a home. Good news – even if you have student loan debt, you can still achieve your homeownership goals.

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Use Your Tax Refund and Stimulus Payment(s) to Achieve Your Homeownership Goals

Although this past year brought us uncertainty, achieving your homeownership goals is still possible. Discover ways you can support them.

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How HOMESTAR Gave Back in 2020

At HOMESTAR, we are passionate about serving others and giving back to our local communities. HOMESTAR and our employees are proud to share the meaningful ways we gave back in 2020.

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