We Exist Because of Our Relationships

Our purpose is to maintain a strong reputation as an honest mortgage company offering outstanding customer service, exceptional community relationships, and a high level of employee satisfaction. We strive as a company to meet the needs and wants of our customers, ensuring their arrival at "the easiest way home".

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Homebuyer FAQ's Answered - Part Three

We are back for one final round of homebuyer FAQs! Over the last two weeks, we covered ten common questions from families currently thinking about – or who are in the process of – obtaining a home loan.

Homebuyer FAQ's Answered – Part Two

Last week on the blog, we covered five common questions the Homestar Team receives from potential and current clients throughout the home buying process. Good news – we have gathered five more questions to help you along the path to homeownership.

Homebuyer FAQ's Answered – Part One

Here at Homestar, we are proud to have a professional and experienced team dedicated to helping families achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Oftentimes, we receive questions about items needed, credit scores, loan term definitions, and more.

Homestar Donations Support Breast Cancer Research and Services

Each year, Homestar celebrates and recognizes its employees with an annual Awards Banquet & Ball. During Homestar’s annual Ball, we highlight a charity or organization dedicated to providing research and services – for a specific cause – to those in need in our community.