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We don’t just originate loans; we help individuals and families find a place to call their forever home – where they can experience life’s firsts, make memories, and grow together.

The Story of HOMESTAR

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Our culture empowers everyone to be their best at home, the office, and anywhere in between. Our growth starts with you. Join us, if you are ready to optimize your potential. There is no stopping us now. We are ready for HOMESTAR Nation to take over coast to coast. Want to be a part of it? 

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Make a difference.

We give back because, in a strong community, everyone prospers together. We build stronger communities through the HOMESTARCares program, which encourages employees to volunteer their time, participate in events, and raise funds for causes close to their hearts.

Our Culture & Values

HOMESTAR is proud of our core values, which we infuse into every aspect of our culture. These values have helped us build a strong culture of collaboration and innovation. We believe we have a responsibility to make the world a better place, and we are always looking for ways to do that. We like to celebrate our successes together, whether it’s a big project we have completed or a new milestone we have reached. HOMESTAR Nation is here to support you.

    1. We are a company that is committed to excellence. We strive to do our best in everything we do, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve.
    2. We are a company that is customer-focused. We prioritize the needs of our customers and work to provide the best possible experience.
    3. We are a company focused on teamwork. We come together to build an environment where anything is possible — and have some serious fun doing it. 
    4. We are a company that is built on trust. We work hard to earn the trust of our customers and our employees, and we take that trust seriously.
    5. We are a company that is family-oriented. We understand that our employees have families and lives outside of work, and we strive to create a supportive and flexible environment.

Together, we can build a best-in-class mortgage experience.

Employee Programs

HOMESTAR supports its culture through various initiatives. Learn about some of the amazing perks of working with a top mortgage company.

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Annual Events

Executive leadership believes in engaging and rewarding the success of our hard-working teams. Explore our Annual Events.

Annual Event

Rewards and Recognition

Benefits, Rewards and Recognition, and employee well-being are a top priority. To do your best, you have to feel your best.

Rewards and Recognition Program

Town Hall

We keep employees up-to-date on company updates, market changes, marketing items, system news. and more!

Town Hall


Creating strong communities is the heart of HOMESTAR. We give back because, in a strong community, everyone prospers together.


Learning Center

We are here to educate individuals across the nation. Our Learning Center contains a Blog, Mortgage Calculator, Homeownership Booklet, and much more!

Learning Center

Rewards Program: The Summit

To show our appreciation each year, we reward top Mortgage Loan Originators with an unforgettable trip to a beautiful destination.

Mortgage Loan Originators

National Mortgage Professional Month

Trust, honesty, and integrity guide every interaction with clients. Learn why this is celebrated each year.

National Mortgage Professional Month