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HOMESTAR supports its culture through various initiatives. Learn about some of the amazing perks of working with a top mortgage company.

WE Committee (Workplace Enhancement Committee)

WE Committee (Workplace Enhancement Committee):

Consists of employees from multiple departments who meet monthly to discuss ideas and suggestions submitted by employees. “Providing a neutral place for employees to share suggestions, ideas, and concerns to help build and strengthen HOMESTAR’s culture.”

HOMESTAR Employee Home Loan Program:

HOMESTAR employees can receive certain benefits when applying for a home loan with HOMESTAR, such as a reduced interest rate and waived underwriting fee.



This is HOMESTAR’s Employee Rewards and Recognition program. It allows co-workers to give each other “shout-outs” for a job well done, and managers can award gift cards to their employees as well. All “shout-outs” can be viewed live on HOMESTAR’s Guusto dashboard. For every $1 sent via gift cards, HOMESTAR and Guusto donate a gallon of clean, safe water to many different places. Over the past two years, HOMESTAR has provided over 300,000 gallons of water.



Monthly newsletter that is employees’ one-stop-shop for all things HR, including company updates, wellness, HOMESTARCares, and more.

HOMESTARConnect Facebook Group:

All employees are welcome to join and connect with each other while working remotely.

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