Rewards and Recognition Program

HOMESTAR recognizes and rewards our employees to encourage and reinforce the actions and behaviors that create a better working environment.

Behaviors such as teamwork, customer service, communication, accountability, and leadership – regardless of your position or level – are important to the success of everyone at HOMESTAR. These behaviors are referred to as the Wayfinders Code. There are two distinct sets of Wayfinders Codes in HOMESTAR’s Rewards and Recognition program: one defined as the Wayfinders Competency Code and the other defined as the Wayfinders Cultural Code.

The HOMESTAR Rewards and Recognition program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reward and recognize actions or behaviors that connect to HOMESTAR’s values and core competencies to enable growth, results, and a positive customer experience
  • Standardize specific rewards and recognition criteria that explain the business impact, successes, and best practices on delivering the company's mission, vision, and values
  • Provide fairness and consistency with nominations and selection

Wayfinders Competency Code

The Wayfinders Competency Code is a set of five core competencies, driven by our values – that help us live the HOMESTAR mission and continue to deliver on our customers’ needs. The Wayfinders Competency Code clearly defines the behaviors that are appreciated at HOMESTAR with criteria that integrates with our Rewards and Recognition programs.

Stellar Communicators guide the way with effective communication and a deep understanding of what our customers want and their “why.”

  • Expresses ideas clearly, concisely, and professionally using a variety of means to reach and influence the intended audience
  • Effectively reads a situation and adjusts style to respond accordingly to manage the impact of communication on others
  • Clearly explains to both internal and external stakeholders the value, purpose, and objective of the initiative
Stellar Communicators

Uplifters inspire each other through teamwork to support and serve our customers.

  • Proactively partners with others to ensure team goals and deadlines are met in a timely manner; being available and accessible
  • Takes personal responsibility for work by ensuring individual contributions are aligned with team goals and standards
  • Continually looks for and suggests opportunities to improve efficiencies and processes within the function and/or department

Dream Makers offer highly personalized, detail-oriented care and customer service to make our customers’ number one dream – homeownership – a reality.

  • Adapts and responds to each situation individually for its uniqueness; effectively handles changes in priorities and other surprises
  • Demonstrates an understanding and sensitivity to the feelings of each customer
  • Applies knowledge of the company, department, and individual goals and objectives; follows processes while considering alternative options and innovative solutions
Dream Makers

Trusted Guide help chart the way by holding themselves accountable to our customers' needs.

  • Grows knowledge, skills, and experience required to effectively perform within the function
  • Engages SMEs or vendors (within scope of role) to skillfully use resources that deliver results
  • Brings personal insight and expertise to the development and recommendation of solutions for the function and company
Trusted Guide

North Stars have a tremendous willingness to go above and beyond to serve as examples through their leadership, regardless of title or level.

  • Proactively utilizes knowledge gained from previous experiences to suggest improvements in business/operational processes
  • Actively and appropriately shares knowledge and insights with team members, branches, departments, and leadership
  • Seen as highly credible in chosen field and leads customers and team members to the right outcomes
Trusted Guide

Wayfinders Cultural Code

The Wayfinders Cultural Code is a set of five core behaviors, driven by our culture – that help us live the HOMESTAR way! The Wayfinders Cultural Code clearly defines the behaviors that are appreciated at HOMESTAR with criteria that integrates with our Rewards and Recognition programs.

Rising Star: Individual award for a new employee hired within the past 12 months at time of award nomination

  • Provided lift to the team with new process or enhancement that contributed to department achievements
  • Has shown a strong personal commitment and responsibility for living the HOMESTAR values and Wayfinders Code
  • Built trust and credibility quickly with co-workers and frequently consulted as a team resource for original, innovative ideas
Rising Star

Supernova: Individual award for all departments and locations

  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence; knows how to read a situation and respond properly
  • Always treats others with respect and sought out because of professional expertise
  • Humble and often thinks and speaks as “we”

Unsung Hero: Individual award for all departments and locations

  • Positively influenced the organization from "behind the scenes"
  • Willingness to help in whatever capacity without ever seeking credit
  • Demonstrates a commitment to excellence with results and outputs
Unsung Hero

Cosmic Crew: Team award that includes Corporate, Operations, and branch locations

  • Team that provided innovative contribution(s) to the company's growth or strategic initiatives
  • Enabled the success of others through leadership, collaboration, and open communication
  • Demonstrates a clear purpose that is committed to serving the business, customers, and departments
Cosmic Crew

Bright Star: Individual award for community leadership

  • Exemplifies our HOMESTARCares initiative in and outside of the office through their community service work
  • Serves as a role model for compassion and service that has made a lasting and meaningful impact in the community
  • Contributes to the community through time, actions, and dedication to one charitable organization or a variety of volunteer activities that go above and beyond the call of duty for the year
Bright Star

At HOMESTAR, we recognize our employees for their hard work and commitment.

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