Gabriela Villafranco is well-known among HOMESTAR Nation for her drive and commitment to her community to achieve their dream of homeownership, even when it seems impossible. She currently serves as Production Manager at the Duluth, GA branch originating loans for clients and customers. Gabriela is a Venezuelan native and uses her bilingual ability to educate and serve those who speak Spanish and/or English.

Her homebuyers and clients hold a special place in her life. Each loan, family, and individual are different and unique. Out of the many individuals and families Gabriela has helped over the years, there is one family that struck a special place in her heart.

“I remember helping a single mom that was raising a disabled child. She was homeless,” says Gabriela. “Being able to help her get a home was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. She invited me over for dinner once she moved into her house, and we had a wonderful time celebrating together.”

Her drive to educate and empower her community throughout her years as a Mortgage Loan Originator has always helped her navigate through rough waters and has been the core of her business. Early in her career, she was an MLO Assistant, Loan Processor, and then in 2005, she transitioned into a full-blown Mortgage Loan Originator.

Downtimes in the industry never stopped Gabriela from reaching her level of success. She used the 2008 housing crisis to stand out and work her way up. She knew by being patient and perseverant while others changed career paths that she would get where she wanted to be and build business back through educating, volunteering, and attending and supporting homeownership opportunities.

As a bilingual woman in the industry, she loves transmitting information and constantly looks for ways to facilitate homeownership and wealth building through real estate. She wants other bilingual women in the mortgage industry to understand that they are an asset to their company and community. By speaking two languages, the mortgage industry professional has twice the opportunity to be of service. She suggests, “make a plan and work the plan.” Villafranco strives to attend any event that aligns with that purpose and establish connections to foster that financial growth for her communities.

Due to her ability to work out what may seem like an impossible loan, Gabriela was given the nickname “MacGyver,” like the main character in the TV series with a knack for unconventional problem-solving. It’s important for her to make an impact in someone’s life and to give and accept honest good advice. Knowing the industry is ever-changing as economic cycles play out, she notes the “importance of proactively working to keep abreast of the changes and find alternatives for clients and business partners.”

Gabriela was honored with being in the NAHREP Top 250 Hispanic Loan Originators Nationwide from 2019-2022, received MBAG Platinum Award recognition in 2020 and 2021, and Top 100 NAMMBA minority LOs from 2018-2020. HOMESTAR’s community involvement efforts are just as important to Gabriela. She supports the Arthritis Foundation, American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, and various Venezuelan humanitarian causes. Gabriela also received HOMESTAR’s Star Producer awards from 2016-2021 and was a Top 10 producer in units from 2019-2020.

With all her awards, Gabriela’s success in the industry is from her intrinsic desire to enrich and inform her community about building wealth through homeownership. Her national awards are a true testament to her desire to help others achieve success.

Gabriela says success is “Peace of mind. However little or much you have if you have a clean conscience and a content heart, that’s success for me.”

HOMESTAR is proud to have Gabriela Villafranco as a team member with over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Gabriela maintains a comprehensive knowledge of HOMESTAR’s growing list of mortgage loan product offerings. She is happy to help navigate all homebuyers, realtors, builders, and business partners through the mortgage process. Reach out to her for all of your mortgage financing needs!