Make 2020 a Scam-Free Year

Anyone can fall victim to a scam and they may target you at any time. We are constantly bombarded with attempts and our busy lives can make it difficult to stop and pay attention. The best thing you can do is pause and evaluate where your money or personal information is really going. Knowing the signs of a scam can help you identify one before it’s too late.

Protect your privacy and finances with these tips:

1. Be cautious with emails and texts. Be aware if you receive unsolicited emails or texts from a person or a company. Scammers try to make these look legitimate. Never click on links or open attachments if it is not from a trusted source. If you are unsure, reach out to the company or business directly to verify the email or text.

2. Never send money to strangers. If you have never met someone face-to-face, do not send them money. Especially if the person asks you to wire money using prepaid cards. This will make the funds untraceable and there will be no way to recover them.

3. Do research before making online payments/purchases. Before making a payment or purchase online, research and confirm you can trust the business, organization, etc. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this a person or business I know and trust?
  • Do they have a working customer service number?
  • Where is the company physically located?
  • Would I be making payments through a secure server?
  • Have I checked to see if there are reviews about the company, products, etc.?

4. Use your best judgement when sharing personal information. Sensitive information includes your banking/credit card information, birthdate, address, phone numbers, and social security number. If someone asks for this information, be cautious when sharing it. Especially if their contact with you was unsolicited.

Protect yourself from scams! Follow these tips to help make 2020 a scam-free year.