Things to Think About After Purchasing a Home

Finding the perfect home isn’t an easy task, but once you do so, your work still isn’t complete. It’s just the beginning of the homeownership journey. After closing on your home, there are some new homeowner tasks to tackle:

1. Save your money. Once you have closed on your home and paid closing costs, it is important to be even more aware of your finances and continue saving your money for the monthly mortgage payment, emergencies, unexpected home repairs, etc.

2. Update your information. Before moving in, transfer your utilities to the new home and change your address information on important documents, with several institutions/companies, and more. These may include:

  • DMV – Driver’s License, vehicle registration, voter registration, passport, etc.
  • Financial institutions – banks, credit card companies, lenders, investments, tax preparation, etc.
  • Insurance – medical, life, car, homeowners/renters, etc.
  • Employer
  • Post office
  • IRS
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Social Security Administration – retirement, disability, Medicare, etc.
  • Online services – internet, cable, phone, streaming, subscription, retail services, apps, etc.

3. Get the home ready. Prep the home by changing the locks, deep cleaning, replacing items, decorating, hiring pest control, and landscaping.

4. Plan maintenance of the home. Create a checklist of items that require regular or periodic maintenance, such as examining carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, having the water heater flushed, replacing HVAC filters, and more.

5. Save and document everything. Write down detailed information about the home and take photos before moving in. Make copies of all loan documentation and save the closing packet in a secure place.

6. Make your first mortgage payment. Your lender can walk you through the process of making your first mortgage payment as well as future mortgage payments. Reach out to them for more information. For HOMESTAR, check your mail regularly for any notices regarding the servicing of your new mortgage loan.

Saving the best task for last… celebrate and enjoy your home! You deserve it!

We hope these tips are helpful as you settle in. Wishing you all the best as a new homeowner!