7 Ways to Reduce Dry Air in Your Home This Winter

Cold weather season has arrived, which means the heat is turned up at home. With the natural drop in humidity plus the dry heated air, the atmosphere of your home can become uncomfortable. Dry air in the home can cause common health issues such as dry skin, sore throat, nosebleeds, allergy/asthma problems, and sinus congestion. There are several ways to combat dry air during the winter. Save these tips and keep your home more comfortable during the winter season:

1. Use a humidifier to add water vapor to the air.

2. Keep cold air out of your home by sealing the spots where cold air leaks in from outside. Do this by adding weather stripping around windows and doors.

3. Put an open pot of water or a kettle on your stovetop to help add more water vapor into the air.

4. If your house is extremely dry, you can benefit from a humidifier that connects to the home’s HVAC system. This will add humidity to the entire house.

5. Air-dry your clothes to reduce energy usage and release more water vapor into the air. This will temporarily add humidity to the air.

6. If you have a radiator in your home, you can increase the humidity by placing a tank or tub of water on the radiator itself. This will add water vapor to the air over time.

7. Add plants to your home. Plants increase humidity in the air through the transpiration process.

With these tips, you can eliminate those pesky health problems and keep your home more comfortable during the cold winter months.