Keran Fears has been in the mortgage industry for 26 years and has worked her way up to become a successful Branch Manager at the Hillsboro, MO branch. She takes pride in providing excellent customer service and is committed to being her clients' lender for life. She got her start in the mortgage industry through her experience in collections, where she interacted with lenders and became interested in the field.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, she is active in her community and participates in various volunteer activities to give back to others. Her involvement in organizations such as the Hillsboro Lion's Club and the Foster Care Program allows her to meet new people and positively impact her community. She also looks forward to continuing her work with the Optimist Club.

One pivotal factor in her success is networking, which has allowed her to expand her business. Keran derives her business from local realtors, home builders, financial planners, and, most of all, referrals from happy, satisfied clients. She also places great value on teaching clients about credit and helping them achieve homeownership.

"Getting involved and meeting people is how you succeed. With the times changing, I am hooked up with Edumarketing, which is out of my comfort zone but is starting to be an inspiring venture for my business," said Keran about networking and marketing in the mortgage industry. "I fully believe the changes back to a good market are coming, so I am doing social media and marketing in all my downtime, evenings, and weekends. When things start changing, I want them to remember me!"

In her spare time, Keran Fears enjoys balloon artistry. She donates her balloon art and photo booth set-up for fundraisers and events in her community. She also volunteers for the Foster Care Program and helps to feed 50 families every year for Thanksgiving with her church. Keran believes that success is about loving life, being with family, helping others, and having fun!

Working directly with first-time homebuyers to the seasoned homeowner, Keran provides the same individual attention to each customer. From application to closing, she keeps customers informed on every aspect of their loan. Her knowledge of products and programs helps her customers get the most home for their money at the best possible rate. She also emphasizes the importance of treating customers with honesty and respect, regardless of their background.

Keran Fears believes in the importance of educating her clients about the path to homeownership and finds it most meaningful when she can help clients achieve their dream of owning a home when they thought it was impossible. She is also passionate about teaching her clients about credit and helping them understand how to improve their credit scores.

Additionally, Keran highlights the need to adapt to the changes that occur in the industry and to always be learning and growing. She is also a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and the laws of attraction, which have positively impacted her life.

"I am not really a reader, I must confess. I am, however, a big believer that what you put out there is what comes back. I have read and played audio tapes of 'The Secret' and other things about Laws of Attraction," said Karen Fears on her motto in life. "Once I started with this theory in 2014, my life started changing."

Overall, Keran is passionate about her work and committed to positively impacting her community. She emphasizes the importance of hard work and doing the right thing to achieve success in the industry. Keran Fears is a respected and valued member of the mortgage industry and her community.

She has received recognition for her work through awards and honors, including HOMESTAR's five-year Service Award, HOMESTAR's Star Producer from 2016-2022, and being named Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. Overall, Keran is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional committed to helping her clients achieve their dreams of homeownership while also making a positive impact in her community.

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