Vikki Hardin is a graphic designer and a valuable member of the HOMESTAR team. She has been working with the company for 16 years and counting, with 6.5 of those years being a full-time employee. Her work experience is vast and impressive. She was an art director for the most prominent printing firm in the southeast, handling accounts like Cox Cable, Coke, and other national brands. Years later, she started her small printing and graphic design company in Habersham, GA, which eventually led her to join HOMESTAR full-time.

Vikki's start in design began when she was young. As a teenager, she would babysit for her neighbors and create drawings with the children. A neighbor asked her if she would like to sketch things for his business after school each day. He was a printing salesman with an office in his basement that he shared with his wife. With her parents' approval, Vikki would head to their house every day and sketch what her neighbor asked. In a few weeks, he came home early and told her that one of her drawings had sold! It was a logo for a local Atlanta television station, Channel 46. From that moment on, Vikki knew that her love of the arts would always be what she focused on.

When asked about her professional superpower, Vikki answered that it was listening. By listening, she gains insight. This superpower has undoubtedly helped her in her career and has made her a valued member of the HOMESTAR team.

“I’ve always enjoyed having windows of opportunities to speak and listen with loan officers here at HOMESTAR about advertising, growing their business, and connecting with their clients,” said Vikki Hardin about the meaningful connections she’s had at HOMESTAR.

Throughout her life and career, Vikki has been encouraged and helped by many people, but she attributes her success to her faith and knows God has been the only true leader throughout her journey.

There was one moment that touched her heart in a way like no other. While in the halls of the HOMESTAR Corporate office, she ran into a Branch Manager and one of her Mortgage Loan Originators. The employee interrupted their greetings, telling the Branch Manager that the loan they had worked on for a while would not close after all. The client was $5,000 short, and the Mortgage Loan Originator could not find a way to make it happen. The Branch Manager calmly said, "Oh, don't worry, we will be  closing." This loan officer continued to state that he could not find an additional $5,000 anywhere to help this client close. The Branch Manager smiled and said, "I will pay it. That man deserves this home for himself and those kids. I will gladly pay the $5,000."

Vikki was speechless. As she returned to her desk, she was reminded of difficult times in her life when she, too, discovered the need for housing for single parents with children and those with medical needs. She would pray to win the lottery to have the means to help. So, this Branch Manager's selfless act of paying the $5,000 made Vikki realize that it takes the role of everyone to make what seems impossible come true. One tiny role combined with others makes every effort grow into so much more that makes a lasting impact on someone’s life. This is the definition of “winning the lottery,” and she quickly realized her prayer had long been answered.

“Our sense of time is focused on the moment. It’s important to slow down, breathe, and listen. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn and how it will enrich your life and those around you when you do those three things,” said Vikki Hardin, HOMESTAR’s Graphic Design Supervisor.

Vikki is committed to giving back to her community. She is involved in helping with the Georgia Mountain Food Bank distribution center in Gainesville and continues to support other organizations through donations. She and her husband have always donated to non-profits such as Sharing & Caring, Circle of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and others within their community.

Vikki's dedication to her work and her community is truly inspiring. HOMESTAR is grateful to have her as a part of its team.

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