Over the years, our lives change, and our needs may be different from the lifestyle we had when purchasing our home. Living a comfortable lifestyle can be challenging for individuals, veterans, and seniors with disabilities. Homebuying and home seeking can feel like a daunting journey for those not wishing to move.

As those life changes happen, sometimes our home is not as easily accessible or is too difficult to maintain. Homeownership is an exciting milestone for many, and there are options for those seeking to renovate and remodel to keep life comfortable and accommodating. Renovations and modifications to your home are possible with the help of a 203(k) loan. Refinancing can reduce monthly mortgage payments, which can help the expense of home modifications for accessibility.

There are many resources for a disabled homeowner to find durable medical equipment to enhance home modifications. Durable medical equipment could include stair lifts, walkers, wheelchairs, bathroom support aids, shower chairs, and many other items for everyday tasks. Contact your local home medical supply store for details on the items they can supply you with.

Possible home modifications to make life more accommodating:

  • Widen hallways or doorways
  • Easy-to-use door or cabinet handles
  • Exterior and interior upgrades like ramps
  • Repairs to existing damage
  • Remodel or modify bathrooms and kitchens
  • Eliminate health hazards
  • Install support bars
  • Change landscaping to decrease the need for attentive care

These home modifications can increase the quality of life, but they could also increase the home’s value. Modifying the residence to facilitate more independence and removing potential hazards to create a safe home to live in is essential. 

HOMESTAR can help make this happen! With the help of the 203(k) loan program, everyday life can be more accommodating. Your home can be a place of refuge and a source of direct comfort. You may already have found your dream home, but let’s help make it the easiest way home!

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