Moving with Children? 5 Tips to Help You Stay Sane

Whether you are relocating down the road or to another state, moving is not without its challenges – especially when you have children. Uprooting children to something new and unfamiliar can make things harder for everyone. Fortunately, you can take some of the stress out of moving for you both (and keep your sanity!) by following these tips:

Talk to your children about the move beforehand.

Meet as a family ahead of time and discuss that you are moving and what is involved – explain it in the simplest way possible for your children to understand. Tell it to them like you would read their favorite book or use their favorite toys to act out the process. Also, talk about what they can look forward to at the new home, such as:

  • A new room
  • Fun activities nearby
  • A big backyard
  • And more!

Take your children on a tour of the new home and area.

Children are easily overwhelmed, especially with significant changes in their lives (it can seem scary for them). Make it an adventure where you show them all the exciting things about their new home and the area. Some ideas:

  • Visit their new room (bring some of their favorite items to keep there).
  • Check out the local park.
  • Show them their new school.

If you can’t bring your children to the new home, show them photos and videos.

Keep a consistent routine.

Between packing boxes and cleaning up, it can be hard to stick to your everyday routine. Continue your best with a similar (or as close to the same) routine at the new home as children thrive on schedules and predictability.

Think about them while you are packing and let them be involved.

You may be eager to jump right in and pack everything away but don’t pack up all your little ones’ favorite things. Yes, it feels like stuff multiplies out of nowhere as you are clearing things away but having something that’s theirs can avoid unwanted tears or tantrums, keeping your stress level low. Take advantage of children’s fascination with boxes by letting them be a part of packing with you or have them pack their items in a suitcase or bag to bring along with them. Make it fun and continue to keep them entertained by building a fort out of boxes or turning a box into a car or rocket ship.

Have a positive attitude.

Children watch their parents’ every move and learn from them. Be sure to associate positivity with everything to take away the nervousness that comes with a BIG change – providing both you and your children with as smooth of a move as possible. This is KEY to keeping your sanity!

The 5 tips above will help you eliminate any extra pressure and make this new adventure one to remember (in a good way!).