A Hybrid eClosing is when the borrower has the option to eSign (digitally sign) non-critical, non-notarized documents on the day of closing – saving time and allowing the review of those documents ahead of the appointment.

As soon as the package is ready for closing, the borrower will digitally receive some of the documents to review, ask questions, and sign digitally. Then later at the closing appointment, there will be some other documents that the borrower will need to wet sign in person and ink. The hybrid eClosing allows all parties involved in the loan process to review eSign documents, wet signed documents, and other documents included in the package.

Wet signed means "when a person uses a pen or seal to sign their name on a physical paper document." Learn more about different types of wet signatures here.

A hybrid eClosing can save tremendous time at the closing attorney's office.

Benefits of a Hybrid eClosing:

  • Convenience, ease, and efficiency
  • Give the borrower more time to review paperwork and ask questions
  • Save time reviewing documents
  • Spend less time at closing
  • Purchase or Refinance, Conv, FHA, VA, or USDA

Hybrid eClosing is easy, and it is a proven success! Spend less time at closing and have the convenience of reviewing paperwork at the borrower's own pace BEFORE the borrower gets to the closing appointment. This gives the borrower more time to reflect, ask questions, and not feel overwhelmed with the paperwork coming their way.

HOMESTAR is here to help you find the easiest way home! Let's find it together with the ease of a Hybrid eClosing. Contact your Trusted Mortgage Advisor today to see if this new technology can help you!