New construction homes are usually built in a development or subdivision from start to finish, or they can be standalone structures on a piece of land. These new homes are surveyed, structured, and designed all by the building company.

Overall, there are many benefits to selecting a new build when searching for a home. Here are eight ways to decide if this is the right choice for your lifestyle.

Low Maintenance

With a new construction home, you can enjoy the perks of living in a move-in ready home without maintenance concerns of old and worn-down home necessities. New plumbing, roof, appliances, electricity, heating, air, and everything else in the home is new and will only require minimal maintenance. This is still substantially less maintenance than keeping up with an older, already existing home. Older existing homes may need to have dated or not taken care of items replaced immediately or tremendously serviced.

Move-In Ready & Extra Clean

Imagine being the first to move into a home. No dirty appliances. No banged-up walls from furniture or nails. No clogged drains. No grease in the kitchen. The new appliances and unlived-in home are ready and extra clean…just for you. Moving into a home without worrying about the lived-in appearance can help your budget for moving expenses and peace of mind. Overall, don’t want any nasty surprises during your move-in? A new build might be right for you!

Energy Efficient

New appliances are energy efficient in a new build and can help save on electric bills. Rising utility costs are a considerable concern for many. Technology has advanced so much over the years that a new build will have many more opportunities to lead an energy-efficient lifestyle. New windows, insulation, HVAC, lighting, and appliances allow these new homes to lead the way for solutions to rising utility cost concerns.

New Home Warranty

A new homeowner for a new build is the first to live in the property and use all of the amenities of said home. Even though everything is new, defects happen. Builders know these things happen and offer new home warranties and repairs that help give peace of mind and protection to buyers. Builders offer warranties with a purchase of their new build that can cover any defects in the structure, appliances, systems, and many other home assets for varying time periods. If something is defective or something “big” goes wrong during the time period of the warranty, Builders are prepared to protect you with their offered home warranty.

Designed with You in Mind

When purchasing your new construction home, there’s no need to update or change anything. Everything is modern and fresh! All aspects of the home are designed with you in mind. A bonus of getting in on buying the home in the early stages of building could offer many more incentives to buyers, like, choosing paint colors, countertops, flooring, and even a few more design changes along the way. This is a significant advantage to building your home rather than buying a resale and getting contract work for all the changes yourself. Remember, when purchasing a new build, the choice is yours!

New Community with Top Amenities

Builders look for prime areas for their buyers to build new homes and developments. The surrounding locations of these new developments are significant to their decision-making when building these communities. When buying a new construction home, know all the community amenities are will be new, too. Your Building experts know these top-notch amenities can help buyers in the area lift their community value and help people get more involved.

Financing Incentive

Not only will you get that wonderful new home warranty that covers any potential defects in your home, but Builders may also offer a Builder financing incentive. Contact your local HOMESTAR Mortgage Loan Originator to see who their trusted Building partner is and the financing incentives that come with buying a new build with HOMESTAR and a trusted new construction Builder.

Quicker Closing

As a Top Purchase Lender nationwide, HOMESTAR ensures the homebuying process will be educational and the easiest way home. Closing on a new build with HOMESTAR and a trusted Builder partner will have fast closing and an expedited mortgage transaction through HOMESTAR’s full-service and in-house mortgage process.

Bottom Line

Our team of national mortgage experts remembers that a family is counting down the days until they can live in their new home. If you are looking for a new construction home or to build your own home, reach out to a HOMESTAR Mortgage Loan Originator to learn more and see if they have a trusted Builder partner.